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Extensive reach with the market leader

Over 25 million registered users make Stocard one of the leading mobile wallets in the world and one of the preferred shopping companions from couch to counter.

Tailored audiences

Talk to exactly the right customers to achieve your goals. Activate your existing customer base and attract new prospects who have the perfect profile for your business.

Targeting at the optimal time and place

Reach your target audience at the right time and place. With location-based offers and push messages at exactly the right time you drive customers into your stores.

Quantifiable success and valuable insights

State-of-the-art analytics quantify the impact of your mobile advertising efforts in terms of store traffic and in-store sales. Additionally, valuable insights are gained concerning your current and prospective customers.

Strong growth and regular top rankings on the App Store and Google Play ideally position Stocard as your reliable partner for the future of mobile marketing. Don't hesitate to talk to us!

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