We help you convert your loyal offline customers to shop online.

Reach the right audience

Stocard users are household decision makers who were among the most frequent offline shoppers. They are now changing behavior and turn to e-commerce.

Reach them in an exclusive shopping environment.

And push them online

Drive up to 50 million users from the key demographic to your online shop.

The right format for your objectives

Use product carousels to promote ranges of up to 24 products that can be bought online.

Boost traffic to your online shop with the click-to-web format.

Create awareness for special activities before driving users online with the webshop format.

Highly personalized targeting

Stocard offers a variety of different ways to present your campaigns ensuring the best possible performance for all formats. From carousels allowing you to easily promote a selected range of products to webshop offers that link directly to your online shop.

We are happy to advise you on the various possibilities.

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