Use mobile to drive offline traffic and gain new loyal customers

Increase in-store purchases

Show your offers in Stocard to drive additional customers to your stores - use breakthrough store purchase analytics to measure your campaign‘s ROI.

Acquire new loyal customers

Gain new loyal customers for your loyalty program, using the groundbreaking in-app signup in Stocard

Measuring in-store purchases

As an advertiser, you commonly face the challenge of measuring advertising campaign effects – especially offline. Our unique position as a mobile wallet allows us to attribute offline purchases to mobile campaigns.

We combine location data with our data on app usage. Thus we can not only measure store visits, but in-store purchases resulting from mobile campaigns.

This allows Stocard to provide you with exact in-store purchase data and precise ROI measures.

Reach more than 50 million household decision makers

Stocard is the leading mobile wallet in Europe and Australia. Reach up to 50 million people from the key demographic. On average, our users have more than 14 cards in their Stocard wallet. They are the household decision makers, who manage everything around shopping. Distribute personalized, mobile-optimized offers via Stocard to complement your marketing mix.

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