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All your loyalty cards in one app

From the biggest supermarket to your local flower shop - you can add the card to Stocard. Organizing your cards has never been this easy.

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More than 60 million users love Stocard

What would I do without this app? Go Crazy!


I LOVE using the stocard app no worries about looking for my wallet then going through all the cards individually.


Excellent idea, I use it all the time. I work in retail and recommend the app to my customers all the time.


Makes shopping quick and easy!


Love this. My wallet is not weighed down by loyalty cards.


Easy to use and all your rewards cards in one place!


Nice, large number of preset cards, but allows unknown card as well.


Easy to use, love that it pops up when you near a store!


So handy having all my cards stored on my phone, especially as I don't always have my handbag with me. It's less clutter for me.


Very good app. When you get close to shops registered in the app, it will suggest the card for a faster use.


Really useful. Was struggling to find a little-used card in my wallet. The assistant suggested this app and I've not looked back.


Very useful app to keep my loyalty cards all in one place, save rewards, etc. Very good. I'm using it a lot!


Super handy!


A good app, helpful, saving time in digging in your purse 👍


Personalized offers

Enjoy a curated selection of exclusive offers to get you inspired for your next shopping trip.

Gift yourself up to 5% savings

Buy gift cards at a discounted price with Stocard and maximize your savings whenever you shop.

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Activate coupons, see your points update

Redeem personalized coupons automatically with your purchase.

Your card just a tap away

With our Card Assistant you never forget to use your card. It will show right on your lock screen when you are in a store.

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