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Daniel Franco

Manager Online Channels & Media Buying
I am using Stocard to find more relevant users with a high buy intent, next to that I’ve been using the app personally for a couple of years and I love the lean UX!
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Boris Jurriens

Social Strategy Lead
A correlation analysis between Stocard store visit data and our client’s store visit data showed a very high, positive correlation (correlation coefficient of .97). Based on this outcome, we concluded that for this client Stocard’s store visit measurement method is reliable.
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Paul Conti

Digital Channels Manager
Stocard is the perfect complement to a connected retail experience, using mobile to bring high value customers into our stores and delivering a strong incremental return on investment.

49 million

active consumers

7 000


620 million

cards digitized

From cost-per-click through cost-per-purchase

Stocard can track visits and purchases post-click, making end-to-end attribution come true. The ROI question answered in detail through first-party data.

End-to-end shopping experience

User Experience

Business Funnel

User Experience


Store all plastic cards and enroll in new programs.

Business Funnel


Expand your loyal customer audience.

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User Experience


Find great deals in the Offers section.

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Reach out to a vast audience of household decision makers.

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User Experience


Benefit from great deals just for you.

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Personalize the experience for users or segments.

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User Experience


Show the loyalty card and pay in one go.

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Swipe Rate

Your loyalty card is always at hand.

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Why work with Stocard?

ROAS focused

The audience is optimized to yield the best conversion to store. No more distribution losses thanks to CPC.


Deliver a personalized shopping experience to your members and prospects.

Data rich

A trove of data at your fingertips. Learn about the factors that drive conversion to your stores and how your customers interact with competitors.

Mobile and contactless

Reach a vast audience on their mobile phones in an unintrusive and native way. A fully digital experience is impactful, COVID-19 proof and eco-friendly.

Integrate your CRM with Stocard

We can integrate with your CRM to allow for real-time and personalized advertising at scale and seamlessly sign up new members.

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